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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How strong must a desire be
for it to finally come true?
When people fail to hear each other’s needs,
I’ve the solution: I shall turn to you.

Please give us will to do what’s right
and patience to endure pain
when we must meet it; strength to fight
off meanness; boldness to remove our chains,

tear down the walls in our minds,
and cruise through galaxies of joy;
true love for all of us to find;
make us courageous: strengthen the alloy.

What else is on my list? 
Let’s see:

A snowball fight with friends – 
(oh, do, make us less lonely, please!),
more fun instead of fancy brands – 
(for those who hunger, may life be a feast!)

Please bring relief, recovery to those
who’re anguished, terrified, or sick.
And from those preaching daily hate
could you just take away the mic?...

Thanks, you're a darling.
I’ll keep my list short.
At your age it is downright galling
to saddle you with all this extra work.

I’d really like to help you. Oh, yes, quite.
In fact, I wish I could create it with my pen:
A Christmas robed entirely in white,
health, peace for all, and goodwill among men!


Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you’re already working on your bucket list for next year, why not include a visit to Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2023? You can still download our insightful travel guide in e-book format from your local Amazon marketplace in time for Christmas. (Just type “timisoara23” in the Amazon search field to find it, place your order and enjoy!) But regardless, I wish you all a Happy New Year and lots of gratifying journeys! Or, as Romanians would put it, Să auzim numai de bine!

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