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  • Coming soon!

    With 2023 fast approaching and Timisoara preparing to become European Capital of Culture, our storybook-style travel guide is almost ready to hit the bookstands (and your tablets)! If all goes to plan, it should be ready to pre-order on Amazon in a few weeks. At 236 pages, the paperback’s not too bulky (probably less so […]

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  • Guileful October

    – written on this day of the partial solar eclipse, when I am down with the flu – a cold, a splitting headache, and the blinding sun burning up with a fever of its own rushed between late risings and early twilights drilling into my skull as if to make up for lost time as […]

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  • Time is…

    …stillness. duration. a slender white egret – immovable, mirrorred – contemplating its own reflection in the pond: blink, blink. it’s only when it lifts off with imponderable grace, expanding, shedding itself – all spirit, all force – its transient image left behind to dissolve like an abandoned shroud like a skin that’s no longer needed […]

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  • Which one would you buy?

    Which one would you buy? Thanks to the wonderful Amie McCracken and Jessica Bell, our #Timisoara #travel #guide is coming along nicely. We are now working on a #cover and I could really use your feedback: Which of these three versions do you feel most drawn to? (When in doubt, imagine you are in a […]

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