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Thought of the day

“Every one begins to survey the rest, and wishes to be surveyed himself; and public esteem acquires a value. He who sings or dances best; the handsomest, the strongest, the most dexterous, the most eloquent, comes to be the most respected: this was the first step towards inequality, and at the same time towards vice. From these first preferences there proceeded on one side vanity and contempt, on the other envy and shame; and the fermentation raised by these new leavens at length produces combinations fatal to happiness and innocence. (…)

It was requisite for men to be thought what they really were not. To be and to appear became two very different things, and from this distinction sprang pomp and knavery, and all the vices which form their train.”

J.J. Rousseau – Discourse upon inequality.

And that was before “social” media!  🙂



One response to “Thought of the day”

  1. It is the famous “man divided against himself” – “whenever he thinks about others, he thinks bout himself, and whenever he thinks about others, thinks about himself” (Jean-Jacques). Citatul e din memorie, da’ cred ca e destul de acurate 🙂


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