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Set me free…

What do you know, I have an addiction. And it’s called the Internet. It’s kind of strange, because I have never had an addiction before. Now I can truly understand the mixture of pleasure and disgust addicts are talking about. I realize it’s stupid and consuming, and yet I indulge in it, allowing myself to be lured and devoured. Is there an Internauts Anonymous out there anywhere?

How did I realize I have it? Recently, we moved to a new apartment and didn’t have an Internet connection for about a week. Guess what? I actually had a life for a few days. I was among people. I got to know the kids from across the street and the story of the old lady with a dog who used to live here. I rode the tram in every possible direction. I visited the local library and got a subscription. I watched documentaries about wild animals and gardens in Tuscany. I ate really well and slept even better. I told stories and called my friends. I didn’t have any strained muscles although I worked like an ox moving furniture around. I didn’t need my eye drops because my eyes weren’t sore anymore. I had a snowball fight. I was happy.

But that all ended yesterday, when we got connected. Now it’s midnight and I am obsessing about some website again… 🙂


3 responses to “Set me free…”

  1. hahaha :-)) thank you, guys, for your support! :-)) well noted. good to know I am not the only one…


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