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  • Quote of the day

    “… whatever else may be in perpetual flux, the meanings of words must be fixed, at least for a time, since otherwise no assertion is definite, and no assertion is true rather than false. There must be something more or less constant, if discourse and knowledge are to be possible.” Bertrand Russell – History of…

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  • Quote of the day

    “Plato possessed the art to dress up illiberal suggestions in such a way that they deceived future ages, which admired the Republic without ever becoming aware what was involved in its proposals. It has always been correct to praise Plato, but not to understand him. This is the common fate of great men. My object…

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  • Quote of the day

    “Truth was no longer to be ascertained by consulting authority, but by inward meditation. There was a tendency, quickly developed, towards anarchism in politics, and, in religion, towards mysticism (…) The result, in thought as in literature, was a continually deepening subjectivism, operating at first as a wholesome liberation from spiritual slavery, but advancing steadily…

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  • On the outside, looking in

    This, this, I tell myself, this see-through envelope of blueness that contains us, this fluid in which we move, this shallow film of sunlight collecting into magnanimous pools, rippling, cascading, eroding, building its deep dark wells of forgetfulness, turning our chunky limbs of flesh into ethereal shadows that precede us slanting, hovering, levitating, always one…

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  • Finding one’s way home

    To my Romanian followers: My good friend and travel guide co-author, Claudia Tănăsescu, returned to Timisoara, Romania from Brussels some 10 years ago. She has documented her journey back and her search for a reconstructed notion of home in a heartfelt, poetic, and often funny multimodal text that is both autobiographical novel and photo project.…

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  • Easter itineraries – or in search of inspiration

    Nowhere else is the sweet stillness of spring and the cheerful chirruping of songbirds as soothing as in the Romanian countryside in those last quiet hours before Easter, at the foot of a mountain dotted with caves and age-old monasteries. We spent three days around the northern parts of Gorj and Valcea counties in southern…

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  • Quote of the day

    “(Princes) know that all needs which a People imposes on itself are so many chains which it assumes. …Indeed, what yoke could be imposed on men who need nothing?” J.J. Rousseau – Discourse on the Arts and Sciences (1750)

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  • Flash fiction Tuesday

    Today’s challenge in the FB Group Ficțiuni Reale is “Romanian kiwi” – ideal for dystopia and eco-criticism. My contribution (in under 520 characters including spaces) below: Kiwi românesc Ia kiwi neamule, kiwi dulci ca mierea! striga precupeața. Vorba vine, nu era o femeie în carne și oase. Era Alexa conectată la GPT-24, o versiune ieftină. Scumpe foc.…

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  • Fish – Short Story

    Dear friends, Given that my short story Fish, which won second place in the Writer Advice Flash Fiction Competition 2022, has now been removed from their website and can no longer be accessed there, I have decided to offer it here. Non-subscribers can access it for a token fee. (I do occasionally need chocolate to…

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  • Today’s flash fiction

    To my Romanian followers: You can read my contribution to the topic of “Beer” in the FB flash fiction group “Ficțiuni Reale”, here, or below. Again, in less than 520 characters including spaces: La o bere “Tăcerea e asurzitoare. Doar telefonul piuie. Îmi scrie el. Din delegație. Poemul zilei? Vezi că o să-ți vină o factură…

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