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  • In 2023, discover Timisoara and the Banat region!

    Dear friends, On January 9, 2023, Timisoara officially became European Capital of Culture 2023 (together with Veszprem and Elefsina), by taking over from last year’s capitals in a ceremony held in Athens. The first major events in Timisoara will take place during the weekend of 17-19 February 2023. Until then, if you intend to visit […]

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  • Winter

    So the snow comes down from the sky through an invisible sieve, hissing. Water – like a woman – in so many states, so many attires. The birds have all gone, and so has the neighing of horses. Cold. The crisp, muzzled silence the night’s only sound. Homes sleeping. Frayed blankets of white alight from […]

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  • Coming soon!

    With 2023 fast approaching and Timisoara preparing to become European Capital of Culture, our storybook-style travel guide is almost ready to hit the bookstands (and your tablets)! If all goes to plan, it should be ready to pre-order on Amazon in a few weeks. At 236 pages, the paperback’s not too bulky (probably less so […]

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  • Time is…

    …stillness. duration. a slender white egret – immovable, mirrorred – contemplating its own reflection in the pond: blink, blink. it’s only when it lifts off with imponderable grace, expanding, shedding itself – all spirit, all force – its transient image left behind to dissolve like an abandoned shroud like a skin that’s no longer needed […]

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  • Which one would you buy?

    Which one would you buy? Thanks to the wonderful Amie McCracken and Jessica Bell, our #Timisoara #travel #guide is coming along nicely. We are now working on a #cover and I could really use your feedback: Which of these three versions do you feel most drawn to? (When in doubt, imagine you are in a […]

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  • Excited about my upcoming book

    I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the English-language manuscript of our travel guide for Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023 and am still amazed at how interconnected the history of my hometown is with the rest of Central and Western Europe. But I also noticed something intriguing about the city’s bridges!Did you know that […]

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