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Sandy Hook Elementary

There is evil in the world. The devil walks among us. The government cannot control the minds of its citizens, some of which are obviously deranged. But the government can and should control the means they can use to commit gruesome acts of violence.  Senseless mayhem of these proportions is only possible with powerful guns.

The children of Sandy Hook Elementary School are the unnecessary martyrs of a world centered around violence and a twisted sense of self-reliance. A primitive world, where children learn to shoot weapons before they grow pubic hair. A world where children learn what it is to be shot at, or threatened at gunpoint at an age where they can hardly process it. Which only feeds into the paranoia, the sense of insecurity and the never-ending arms race. You watch footage of the police descending on that place and it looks like the country is waging civil war on itself.

Lord, have mercy on those poor devastated parents and all the rest of us shocked bystanders. The souls of the executed children will be caroling in Heaven this year…


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