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Just an inkling

Maybe that’s why young people everywhere are lured by all sorts of fundamentalist ideologies: They feel the same nostalgia for a simpler, clearer, more honest past. A straightforward past of black and white. That seems authentic to them. It’s important to relativize in order to protect basic rights and freedoms, but too much relativity, in all aspects of life, can be extremely tiring. It is a form of uncertainty.  And too much uncertainty always leads to some form of authoritarian manifestation.

It’s simpler to say this or that, friend or foe, than try to reconcile the two.

Besides, in a world of fake love and feigned interest, those guys’ hate seems real. And real is hard to come by these days.  So yeah, that gives hate a certain aura. The aura of people living out their convictions, no matter how horrendous. What do we live? What do we even believe in anymore? What meaning can we offer our kids to make them stay away from the hate preachers?… That kind of meaning, of reason, of heartwarming faith that gives a soul stability through a lifetime of torments, that is the coolest endowment. That’s what parenting is about.

Instead, we buy them brand clothing and gadgets. The moment you take off that shirt, you’re nobody. How sad.


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