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Sons of a gun

At this point I just want to say something about the recent shooting sprees in America. It seems all sorts of maniacs are on the loose again. And their guns, too.

Now, I am not trying to pick a fight with anyone, but I cannot stand the blatant hypocrisy and shortsightedness of the gun-loving party. These brainwashed paranoid individuals will have you believe (and they keep repeating this like a broken record) that guns don’t kill people, people do. Oh, give me a fucking break!

Let me jot down a few examples:

1. a three-year-old finds a gun in his father’s closet. not knowing what it is, he fiddles with it a bit and, what do you know, HAVING HAD NO INTENTION TO KILL in the first place, he blasts away his best friend or his sister. Who is responsible for that atrocious tragedy? Who did that killing? And don’t tell me it wasn’t the gun. Clear case of no gun, no killing.

2. a guy (any guy next door, it CAN happen to anybody) loses his mind, goes terrifyingly berserk and wants to take it out on people. give him a club. how many people can he club to death before he’s all tired and panting, and some other guy gets a chance to stop him? give him a knife. how many people can he stab? again, the victim stands at least SOME chance of fighting back. you can’t really commit mass murder with a knife, can you? now, give him an automatic machine gun – let’s see. how many INNOCENT people can he gun down before he even breaks a sweat?…

I mean, how retarded do they think we are to believe (this day in age) that guns don’t kill? As a European, coming from a family that has never owned as much as a baseball bat for generations, I cannot grasp this American obsession with guns.

Another fallacy the advocates of gun ownership will have you believe is that guns are for self-defense only. Oh really?! Then how come you can find ASSAULT weapons for sale? I mean, all you have to do is look at their name. ASSAULT. That’s pretty self-explanatory. And even if they ban those. Let’s take a pistol, for example. So… if you leave it somewhere handy, you risk triggering a tragedy in your own family. If you put it in a safe, by the time you’re done turning keys, pressing buttons and punching the combination, you are probably going to be robbed anyway. They also say that a gun in the home acts as a deterrent for the bad guys. I don’t think it necessarily does. I think it only fuels the arms race, getting the bad guys to acquire ever more sophisticated weapons.  Heck, pepper spray is a deterrent. But guns, guns are built to kill. Stop sugarcoating that. This isn’t 1787 and a wilderness anymore. All of this shooting in broad daylight makes America look like a trigger-happy failed state.

If self-defense is all you’re after, take guns away from everybody and learn some karate.

But if it’s guns that you like, if they are an intrinsic part of your history, personality, ethos, then at least spare us the vapid excuses.


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