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A touch of German humor

Well, since I did such serious German-bashing in my last post (and my conscience has been shaken by vigorous spasms of guilt ever since…), let me make it up to them by saying that they do have occasional bouts of excellent humor. Take this guy that was on Deutschland Funk this morning, a stand-up comedian, for instance. I’m sorry I didn’t catch his name, ’cause he fully deserves the credits. He was talking about Social Media & Co.

Now, you have to understand that Germans are not particularly fond of social media. Not much given to the pleasures of socializing often and intensely in person, they are naturally distrustful of any form of socializing in absentia.  I mean, you have to agree with them, that does seem like the paramount idiocy. Anyway, this guy (the comedian) says that pretty soon the world will consist only of two tribes and two possible states of mind: the “Likes” and the “Unlikes” (or “Dislikes”). That will be the full depth of our interactions in the future. That will be the full depth of our emotions and metaphysical thinking. Everybody’s online, gaping at other people’s private-turned-public lives and gossiping bits of nonsense about that. They send messages to virtual friends who may not even be there (you know, like the star that shines in our night sky today but has actually been gone zillions of years already –  how’s that for cosmic meaning!), and forget to ever go out and meet some actual flesh and bones.

In fact, he says, we’ll have to go to great lengths to explain to our kids what going out even means.

“Son, mommy and daddy are going out now.”


“You know, out, into REALITY…”

(child stares blankly ahead)

“You know son, reality – where the pizza delivery boy always comes from…”

Social media can be instant death (if you’re not online), but also eternal life (try deleting something embarrassing from your past…). Well, at least it’s more honest this was (really? noooot!!! – everybody’s beautifying their resumes nowadays.)

Anyway, kinda silly me telling you about this through my…ahm… BLOGGGG… 

Thank God I still have to take out the garbage. Maybe I’ll meet some neighbors. Gosh, even my potted plants know more about life…


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