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Heloooo, said the echo in my brain

Ever since I have gadgets, my brain has been emptying itself of information at a worrying pace. Knowledge deserts me, it peels off my nerve cells like a facial. Everything is crammed into a mess of wires and processors nowadays, and I feel lost without my external hard drive.
It is a horrible feeling. My phone is smarter than I am. Its name says it all: smartphone. When did people ever walk around with names like that?! “Smart person”. Nope. I am definitely not smart anymore. I am barely hanging in there, trying my best to be at least “cool”, by owning the right tool to replace my brain. I can’t remember dates, birthdays, names and appointments, much less theories, quotes or axioms that I used to be able to recite by heart at any time of day or night. Maybe that is why the expression goes “know by heart” and not “by brain”. Maybe you can only know and remember with your heart. The brain has already lost the battle. Computers tell us where to go, who to call, what to buy, which route to choose. Pretty soon they’ll tell us who to vote for and remind us what our favorite food used to be.
Gadgets have the upper hand. I feel like a terminal, a peripheral. As if my body is struggling to carry this heavy, senseless, oversized empty shell on its weary shoulders.
After all, what is the point? Look how light, slim, and brainy those new tablets are… 🙂

PS. I look forward to when I will need a separate computer just to keep track of all my passwords, PINs, TANs, logins and avatars on my current one. It ‘ll wake me up at dawn: “Good morning, Jane Doe 23748567, you are now online. Your favorite activities are so-and-so and your credo is – not applicable. Your husband is already on Facebook. Login to say hi”.


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