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  • Heal, heal, heal

    It’s that time of year again, time to crawl under my blanket and set out on pilgrimages of forgetfulness. North of here is the tomb of simple goodness – vandalized. South of here is the mausoleum of easygoing fun – in a pile of rubble. I mourn them both with a solemn bow, angry visitors […]

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  • The colors of healing

    Healing is a feline treading stealthily around the concrete monoliths of the neighborhood – slow and lazy and clandestine. A striped tow of light, sheaves of color falling from the trees, pigment dripping from the November sky and gathering in little pools of gold in your heart to glitter in the dark of winter.

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  • Winter in Harlaching

    Iarna in Harlaching … and overnight… … si peste noapte… … so now… … iar acum…

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  • The Blizzard

    – a short story – The man was making hard progress through the blizzard. He advanced with difficulty, his pale yellow face whipped by the wind, his strides large and slow, his thick boots, hardened by frost, sinking deep into the snow.  Behind him stretched only the narrow trail of his own footsteps, lost in […]

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  • Knock-knock! Who’s there? Depression season!

    They’re here. The long, cold, damp winter months with their smothering darkness. So bring out those UV and infrared lamps and steer clear of depression. By the way, what is the deal with this depression epidemic nowadays? Is it the sensory deprivation of our virtual environment, the lack of true friends, the materialism, the stress, […]

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