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  • Quote of the day

    “(…) The simple good-and-evil constructions in mythology, fiction, and storytelling are there because they offer clear orientation, but possibly at the cost of moral and social justice. The polarizing overdetermination of good and evil and related dichotomies make stories enjoyable. But at the same time social divisions are deepened and entrenched, which can lead to […]

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  • On Fortress street

    Today, Liternet has published another one of my short poems in Romanian, called On Fortress St. The inspiration for this poem was my trip to the 2022 International Theater Festival in Sibiu (Transylvania); it took a week for my elutriated impressions of this particular evening to settle into words, and here they are. You can […]

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  • Starting today, in new garb

    Dear friends, I’ve been toying with the idea of unifying my online presence – my creative writing and my professional communication blogs – under a common site in my name for a while now. And while it still isn’t 100% possible, I’m getting there. “Langsam aber sicher”, as they say in Germany. The old theme […]

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  • Quote of the day

    “And this, Lily thought, taking the green paint on her brush, this making up scenes about them, is what we call “knowing” people, “thinking” of them, “being fond” of them! Not a word of it was true; she had made it up; but it was what she knew them by all the same.” Virginia Woolf […]

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