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  • Sleepwalkers

    The street awash with children leaving school. The bus stop one big isle of kids. An overspill of youth. Huddled. Immobile. Captivated. Captive. Each child, oblivious to child, stares down into a phone like it’s a well of meaning. A girl ponders over the best emoji. Her finger hovers, undecided. Tap. The street awash with…

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  • Keyboards

      dear God is so annoyingly old-fashioned that he’s gone thousands of years without an upgrade in design. we are obsolete. we continue to be born with hands – tools for tactile emotion – even though there is no one to hold, even though there is no one to touch, even though everything is nothing…

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  • My Dad’s gone digital

    How the technology we take for granted can leave our parents clueless. It was always a mystery to me how my Dad managed to be the CEO of a  large construction company right up to the turn of the 21st century while being completely computer-illiterate. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t just impartial to computers…

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