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  • Thinking in haikus (3)

    The austere sun gaping its hungry mouth: unfrozen streets, hushed voices. Thin gauze of floodlight, birds in wedding fever, boughs rotating lifeward. Young insects dashing, daring, thin cellular membrane of hope pulsates.

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  • Guileful October

    – written on this day of the partial solar eclipse, when I am down with the flu – a cold, a splitting headache, and the blinding sun burning up with a fever of its own rushed between late risings and early twilights drilling into my skull as if to make up for lost time as…

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  • Leave your shadows behind

    that hour. on the long path to spring, when darkness clears and the trees drop their skeletal shadows in the snow like a bad memory, like baggage one no longer needs to carry. when the frost glistens with a gazillion different suns in a myriad different eyes and the crows’ croaking falls silent silent… that…

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  • All things German

    Well, maybe not all of them. But a few. What on Earth is the deal with this weather in July? To paraphrase an old Romanian joke, of the 4 seasons typical of this latitude, Germany only has 3: rain and… more rain. 🙂 I realize this is subjective. From my window, I can see people…

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  • Of tools and men

    Seriously, what is the deal with men and their tools? What is the bond of virility that connects them? Give a man a (preferably loud and useless) tool, and it’s like a shot of Viagra. Oftentimes have I wished I were a big red button, a pair of pliers or a screwdriver – these babies…

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