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  • Is there still…?

    Is there still…? Is there still time? Is there still time to be human? Everywhere, every-fucking-where this storm of separation, this vertigo, this howling and this yelping, this moaning, this plea to end the pain, this trumpet of the angel of death, of the angel of bleakness, this abandon to isolation, this anguish, this torment!…

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  • Uvalde

    19 more taken in this summer of slaughter. Humanity, mourn!…

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  • The Levee

    a man, a dog and the pond at the bottom of the levee: brown reeds, an egret and a few muted gulls, scattered. winter lurking. a man stopping, crouching, gazing into the distance, holding on to that taut leash for dear life. his eyes across the water weighed down heavy whole with the solitude of…

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  • Walk, sadness, walk!

    I took my sadness for a walk. I walked it right out of the park, past the tram stops and onto the streets flooded with the slow, hesitant steps of old age.   I walked and walked and walked it out of my body. Then I walked some more with it like one walks with…

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  • Joy-less

    His face is gaunt and he stares blankly ahead. Dragging his feet up the hill to his house, he is either frowning in discontent, looking bored, or being downright spiteful and aggressive. His bubbly anger boils just under the surface. He is 5. At home he has a room full of toys waiting for him.…

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