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  • Love and let go

    Don’t get me wrong. I am all for love. I live for love. I used to consider it the single most splendid reason to be alive.  I have been known to plunge into it deeply, passionately, voluptuously. I have delved into its mystique. And I have given up an enormous amount of myself for love […]

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  • MultiKulti auf Deutsch

    The time was 2 p.m. and the temperature was 32 degrees centigrade – in the shade. The parking lot was teeming with expensive cars whence packs of hyperactive, overwrought children irrupted. The mothers were carrying plates and salad bowls and cakes and the fathers looked as lost as they usually do. Dragging my feet across the […]

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  • Shampoo and conditioning

    night & day are disengaging with the sound of grain growing. my sleep hovers over these different planets and various bellyaches are screaming their hunger – people don’t need poetry. people need bread, and paperwork, and shoes. sandwiched between convention and fear, old people just want to conform. my calling, my calling – do I […]

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  • George Marlow likes it warm

    George who???, you rightly wonder. Marlow, people. George Marlow. The reason we bought a broom. I’ll give you a hint: it purrs, it meows and it likes to idle in the sun. My ex-neighbor’s ex-tomcat. His name is George Marlow. Obviously, George just wouldn’t be enough. He has to have a last name, too. You […]

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