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  • Heal, heal, heal

    It’s that time of year again, time to crawl under my blanket and set out on pilgrimages of forgetfulness. North of here is the tomb of simple goodness – vandalized. South of here is the mausoleum of easygoing fun – in a pile of rubble. I mourn them both with a solemn bow, angry visitors…

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  • Epidemiology

    One epidemic calls forth anotherand one infectious protein spawnsinfectious thoughts.Mental representations spreading like viruses.Unchecked. Alert! Long lines before inoculation centers.Demand for fiction is high.Trust has been thrown off-kilter.Too little truth producedto fight this lethal disease. No medicine as yet against the fever ofconviction. Maintain a safe distanceand epistemological hygiene.Refrain from visiting the specters of panic.To…

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  • Staycation 2020

    This summer, we got up close and personal with the Bavarian Alps. Here’s a glimpse into what they have to offer. Enjoy! #berchtesgaden #koenigssee #oberaudorf #partnachklamm #chiemsee #kampenwand #heuberg #jenner #regensburg #unesco Copyright 2020 A. Sepi. All rights reserved.

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  • The Days

    Remember these days these brief days when we walked in groups of one we gave thanks to the ones who toiled and our lives touched each other even though our hands didn’t.   Remember these days these brief days when daddy was no longer at work (yay!) because people mattered more than production: we discovered…

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