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Tag: loneliness

  • The Levee

    a man, a dog and the pond at the bottom of the levee: brown reeds, an egret and a few muted gulls, scattered. winter lurking. a man stopping, crouching, gazing into the distance, holding on to that taut leash for dear life. his eyes across the water weighed down heavy whole with the solitude of…

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  • Freedom

    Night was falling in the coppice-wood Each strand of light threadbare and bluish Thinned out into mystery The path darkened, populated by shadows The clock in the church tower struck The hour of the owls Something shrieked in the distance And a human shape approached on a bike I clutched my umbrella with sweaty palms…

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  • Keyboards

      dear God is so annoyingly old-fashioned that he’s gone thousands of years without an upgrade in design. we are obsolete. we continue to be born with hands – tools for tactile emotion – even though there is no one to hold, even though there is no one to touch, even though everything is nothing…

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