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  • The Heron

    You know you live in a wholesome place when you bump into a grey heron at the employment agency on a sunny December afternoon in Upper Bavaria… and a handful of people stop their errands simply to watch and congregate. All of this on December 1st, the National Day of Romania. It was very calm,…

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  • The Levee

    a man, a dog and the pond at the bottom of the levee: brown reeds, an egret and a few muted gulls, scattered. winter lurking. a man stopping, crouching, gazing into the distance, holding on to that taut leash for dear life. his eyes across the water weighed down heavy whole with the solitude of…

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  • Wind in the tall grasses

    Today I will write about the wind in the tall grasses. Lost, immaterial, like our souls, Just a passage from one place to another. Just air. Just breath. Soft stalks undulating. It’s ballet. Beautiful submission. Soothing choreography under a ruthless sun. People pass by on their bicycles Barely noticing. Barely noticing the road leads nowhere.…

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