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  • My story (Soil) in The Write Launch

    What an amazing feeling to wake up one morning and find my long short story Soil featured at the top of The Write Launch‘s June 2022 issue to a breathtaking background picture! Happened today. Feeling thankful and inspired. You can read the full story below: #creativewriting #stories #fiction #language #home

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  • Home

    I walked the winding path today around the apartment buildings right through my childhood.   Everything smelled the same. The big white lilies gave off a fragrance of early evening, the sunset was in its incipient stages. The heat bearable, like me.   Summer petering out.   I leapt from one slab of stone to…

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  • Mrs. T. is leaving the country

    I went back home for a few days, to the Romanian town where I was born, where I grew up, and where I spent the better part of my youth. I took a long nostalgic walk down memory lane, revisiting all those places that were the landmarks of my childhood years: the school, the school…

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