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  • Quote of the day

    “Truth was no longer to be ascertained by consulting authority, but by inward meditation. There was a tendency, quickly developed, towards anarchism in politics, and, in religion, towards mysticism (…) The result, in thought as in literature, was a continually deepening subjectivism, operating at first as a wholesome liberation from spiritual slavery, but advancing steadily…

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  • What an amazing weekend!

    Our storytelling travel guide #TIMISOARA23: 23 Secrets was launched on February 18th at the Cărtureşti bookstore in the throbbing heart of Timisoara – only one of the 140+ cultural events taking place this weekend in this year’s European Capital of Culture! (It is now sold out at Cărtureşti, but you can still find it on…

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  • My interview with RFI Romania

    A few days ago, I was interviewed by Otilia Ghitescu from RFI Romania about our travel guide TIMISOARA23 and the European Capital of Culture 2023. You can read or listen (in Romanian), here. Our stories about Timisoara and the Banat region, beautifully illustrated by Claudia Tanasescu, can be ordered on Amazon, in paperback or e-book…

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  • In 2023, discover Timisoara and the Banat region!

    Dear friends, On January 9, 2023, Timisoara officially became European Capital of Culture 2023 (together with Veszprem and Elefsina), by taking over from last year’s capitals in a ceremony held in Athens. The first major events in Timisoara will take place during the weekend of 17-19 February 2023. Until then, if you intend to visit…

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  • Excited about my upcoming book

    I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the English-language manuscript of our travel guide for Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023 and am still amazed at how interconnected the history of my hometown is with the rest of Central and Western Europe. But I also noticed something intriguing about the city’s bridges!Did you know that…

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  • My story (Soil) in The Write Launch

    What an amazing feeling to wake up one morning and find my long short story Soil featured at the top of The Write Launch‘s June 2022 issue to a breathtaking background picture! Happened today. Feeling thankful and inspired. You can read the full story below: #creativewriting #stories #fiction #language #home

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  • Quote of the day

    “To yield to the mere process of disintegration has become an irresistible temptation, not only because it has assumed the spurious grandeur of ‘historical necessity’, but also because everything outside it has begun to appear lifeless, bloodless, meaningless, and unreal. (…) Comprehension does not mean denying the outrageous (…). It means, rather, examining and bearing…

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  • PINING FOR A PINT? The romanticized history of Oktoberfest

    “Lederhosen und Dirndl erwünscht!“, reads the big sign in my son’s kindergarten. It is a mild but grey autumn morning and the children are celebrating “Wiesn Breakfast”, one of those many strange offshoots of Oktoberfest which testifies to its local appeal and international success. Little blond and dark-haired children of German, Russian, Turkish or Balkan…

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