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  • Questions

    Setting: Catholic religion class at school. Characters: New teacher – a man. A bunch of 9-year-olds. Open discussion about covenants. (Based loosely on recollection, don’t shoot the messenger!) Girl in my daughter’s class, with genuine curiosity: Why are all the priests men? Why are there no women priests? Teacher, gently: Well, you see, Jesus was…

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  • The Racket

    poetry, philosophy, society

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  • Keyboards

      dear God is so annoyingly old-fashioned that he’s gone thousands of years without an upgrade in design. we are obsolete. we continue to be born with hands – tools for tactile emotion – even though there is no one to hold, even though there is no one to touch, even though everything is nothing…

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  • At the heart of the world

    at the heart of the world there can be only silence. the solitude of contemplating God. at the heart of the world there is a slight summer breeze, the purple sweetness of acacia snowing down (dry blossoms piling quietly by the curb), the glowing peace of the evening, and church bells scintillating. at the heart…

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  • Cusături

    Îţi curge infinitul pe la cusăturile hainelor, Prin ţesuturile care îţi căptuşesc inima, Prin buzunarele gândurilor. Umbli lăsând după tine Plete, plete de infinit, Pe care unii calcă cu picioarele, împiedicându-se, Ca de nişte cozi imponderabile de şerpi Iar alţii îşi împletesc din ele funii ca să se spânzure.   Când deschizi pleoapa, Se zbat…

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