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My name is Andreea. I am a writer, communication professional, and fellow traveler based in southern Bavaria. Born in Romania under one of Europe’s most atrocious totalitarian regimes, I look at the world with a combination of wonderment and skepticism. As a young woman, I envisioned a career in foreign relations, so I got a degree in International Business. I plodded through graduate Economics in the United States and studied Intercultural Rhetoric in Germany before finally succumbing to my love of language and earning a BA English from the University of London and a certificate of Advanced Creative Writing from Oxford.

I’ve always dreamed of writing for a living. I’m still in the process of “getting there”. For almost two decades, I’ve been transcreating, reviewing, copy-editing, and consulting on communication projects for agencies and iconic brands around the globe. Close enough, some might say. As a Certified Marketing Professional, I have completed dozens of market and media research projects, advising clients on strategy and communication. As an interpreter and certified trainer, I have delivered valuable linguistic support to negotiation teams in sales conferences, business and legal meetings, assisted migrant workers, and taught language in private and corporate settings. But as a writer, I have always been fascinated by the human psyche, new places, taboos, and intercultural experiences.

My articles, travelogues, short stories, essays, and poems have been published in Writer Advice, The Write Launch, Dilema Veche, Spiegel International,,, Contrasens, Photo Travel Romania, Formula AS, etc. I have translated high-gloss marcomm, books, journalism, and essay collections, and have even won a few contests in the process. My two non-fiction books (a work on intercultural communication and an English-language travel guide for my hometown of Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2023), as well as my most recent poetry collection, BEHOLD THE SEARING WIND, all of them independently published, are available internationally on Amazon (all marketplaces).

So, what is this blog about? Emigration, travels, motherhood and family life, faith or the loss thereof. Self-knowledge. Poetry. Philosophy. Culture and – above all – communication. Life in general. I believe, with the great Michelangelo Buonarroti, that “two are the virtues a person should never lose: the courage to confront one’s own weaknesses and the strength to endure one’s own emotions.” So, read, write, travel, observe. Think. Happiness is not a prize, it is a challenge and a discovery. Life itself is a fascinating journey. You get up one morning and decide to make the journey worthwhile. Step through this portal and let’s start the journey!

But before you enter, please remember: This blog deals in words. Words may be arbitrary but, once uttered, they become real. They structure thought and dilate the heart. They generate sensations, challenge or reinforce myths. They pacify, demolish, or persuade. Cognition is built upon metaphors. Words inform behavior; they inflame, soothe, and can, on occasion, seduce irreversibly. Words create (mental) worlds. There might be triggering content on this website. At the same time, please keep in mind that you are entering someone’s home. Someone’s heart. Someone’s inner forum. Please observe the house rules. Come in peace.


“There is treasure everywhere”

Calvin and Hobbes


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