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  • Quote of the day

    “But being a victim can also become a role that is repeatedly sought after, because someone knows this role too well and can slip into it as if into a shoe that fits. After all, the victim narrative presents the victim as morally superior and denies them the responsibility and possibility of action. Insofar, this […]

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  • Quote of the day

    “(…) The simple good-and-evil constructions in mythology, fiction, and storytelling are there because they offer clear orientation, but possibly at the cost of moral and social justice. The polarizing overdetermination of good and evil and related dichotomies make stories enjoyable. But at the same time social divisions are deepened and entrenched, which can lead to […]

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  • Quote of the day

    “And this, Lily thought, taking the green paint on her brush, this making up scenes about them, is what we call “knowing” people, “thinking” of them, “being fond” of them! Not a word of it was true; she had made it up; but it was what she knew them by all the same.” Virginia Woolf […]

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  • So damn useful!…

    Anyone else out there feeling guilty about doing what they like? Anybody else afraid of indulging their needs, constantly second-guessing their decisions and sabotaging themselves? Anybody else under the impression that they have to be productive at all times, useful to all, monetizing every opportunity, mentally enslaved to duty every waking moment, anybody feeling that […]

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  • Quote of the day – On social support and healing

    “(…) safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives. (…) Social support is the most powerful protection against becoming overwhelmed by stress and trauma. Social support is not the same as merely being in the presence of others. The critical issue is reciprocity: being truly heard and seen by the people around us, feeling […]

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  • Quote of the day

    On sex education: “There is no sound reason, of any sort or kind, for concealing facts when talking to children. Their questions should be answered and their curiosity satisfied in exactly the same way in regard to sex as in regard to the habits of the fishes, or any other subject that interests them. (…) […]

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  • Words of wisdom, cautionary words

    On creativity: “If too few opportunities for curiosity are available, if too many obstacles are placed in the way of risk and exploration, the motivation to engage in creative behavior is easily extinguished. (…) So, if the next generation is to face the future with zest and self-confidence, we must educate them to be original […]

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  • Scrisoare către Biserica mea

    Simt cum alunec. Simt cum mă pierd: tot mai adesea pe margini, tot mai adesea departe. Simt cum mă smintește fiecare creștet de femeie încovoiat și îmbrobodit, de parcă demnitatea luminoasă a făpturii umane, suficient de bună ca Dumnezeu să coboare în ea, e o vinovăție perpetuă ce trebuie mereu împilată și pironită cu ochii […]

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  • Kala Alm*

    Panta începe abrupt. Mușchii se opintesc. Se contractă, se întind. Înaintez anevoios în sus: dreptul, stângul, dreptul, stângul… La fiecare pas, talpa bocancului scârțâie, alunecă puțin în spate în zăpada moale, aproape zloată. Lanternele rămân stinse. În albastrul de cobalt al nopții, doar stelele licăresc, neverosimil de multe. Când lăsăm în urmă ultima casă, ne […]

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  • (Post)modern obsessions

    Have you noticed how the following themes keep popping up, almost obsessively, in contemporary discourse – in the media, in the public sphere and increasingly in ourselves? This obsession with sex – and complete devaluation of love and tenderness and commitment. This obsession with doing – and complete devaluation of being. This obsession with the […]

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