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  • Not alone

    Someday you won’t remember any of this. Someday, your body will have forgotten his novel touch, how it felt to have his arms wrapped around you like a safety belt, his lips on your skin, his hand in yours, or what you talked about. A waft of his after-shave won’t make you turn your head […]

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  • Excited about my upcoming book

    I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the English-language manuscript of our travel guide for Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023 and am still amazed at how interconnected the history of my hometown is with the rest of Central and Western Europe. But I also noticed something intriguing about the city’s bridges!Did you know that […]

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  • The breeze on a deserted seafront promenade

    The sea, its expanses, the sea and its shores. The sea softly hissing amid sails, amid boats. Endless blue horizon: you can swim to the sky where, among constellations, the eternal is nigh. The sea softly singing with the music of spheres; the sea with its swinging while we sink, while we die. The sea […]

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  • My daughter wants flip-flops

    Such is the patriarchy. Had God been Goddess for sure there’d have been a ‘Fiat calceamenta!’ in there somewhere, right after ‘Let there be light.’ Somewhere in-between crocodiles & farm animals and lone Adam begging for more cuddle time. ‘Let there be purses and handbags,’ but, above all, ‘let there be shoes,’ in all colors […]

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