So… why should you trust me with your linguistic and marketing projects?

Here’s why:

I landed my first job as an in-house translator at the tender age of 17, doing subtitling work for a local TV station. I was still in high school, having just returned from my U.S. student exchange program. (Back then, I used to get the audio on cassette and type my subtitles on an electric typewriter. It was taxing and time-consuming. Nowadays, riding the wave of technology, I can handle your digital formats promptly, consistently and effectively using CAT tools such as Trados, Across, STAR Transit, Wordbee or Memsource). During Business School, I moved on to economic literature and translated finance textbooks for Sedona, a publishing house. Mastering the terminology was key and it delivered first-rate results.

My degree in International Business led to more academic work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (Economics) at Michigan State University in the United States and as a Visiting Scholar (Tourism and Destination Marketing) at the University of Regensburg in Germany. I also held positions in Marketing Management and Customer Relations in Romania (banking, manufacturing, insurance) before undergoing translator certification and embarking on a freelance career more than 15 years ago. I studied journalism at the LSJ and International Rhetoric at the University of Regensburg, and have recently completed my B.A. in English Language and Literature at the University of London with First Class Honours.

As a dedicated linguist and passionate marcom professional, I have been cooperating with more than 40 international agencies to translate, transcreate and localize corporate communications for some of the biggest brands in the world. 900+ successful projects and more than 2,500,000 carefully crafted words to date. My work includes: books, press articles, corporate communication and branding, financial statements and annual reports, HR and technical documentation, legislation and contracts, e-learning and tutorials, websites, slogans and advertising materials.

But my services are about so much more than translation and localization. I can deliver high-quality and tailored research, and assist with intercultural project management. I consult on advertising campaigns, and bring my language and cultural skills to bear on a variety of communication projects. Helping you understand markets, audiences, preferences, and trends is an essential part of my mission – and of my business. I have been working on market and media research & analysis projects for Nimirum- 20 blue, a German consultancy, since 2015.

Aside from all this, I have authored press articles, scientific papers, opinion pieces, poetry and stories in Liternet, Dilema Veche, Perypatetik, PhotoTravel Magazine Romania, Ink4thought, Contributors, and Spiegel International. You can buy my book ‘Intercultural Communication: The Germans and the Romanians Explained’ on I am a published translator of journalism (PressOne) and philosophical essays (Aqua Forte Publishing). As a certified trainer, I also teach language and communication in private and corporate settings. I interpret for business meetings, negotiations and conferences, and I consult independently on intercultural communication issues.

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