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Fish – Short Story

Dear friends,

Given that my short story Fish, which won second place in the Writer Advice Flash Fiction Competition 2022, has now been removed from their website and can no longer be accessed there, I have decided to offer it here. Non-subscribers can access it for a token fee. (I do occasionally need chocolate to stay sane. 🙂 )

It’s my first time trying out the Premium content widget, so I apologize in advance should something not work as it’s supposed to. Please be lenient and let me know what’s happening on your end. Many thanks in advance!

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He didn’t mind waiting. In fact, that was the best part. He was there for the wait.

He did have qualms about impaling the worms, though. That much was true. He’d run the hook through them with great care. Then, with a grand yet mechanical gesture, he’d unleash his reel, let the nylon fly gracefully through the air, lower the lure into the water and wait. He’d settle into his small foldable chair, hunched shoulders, hat pushed back, and wait. Once in a while, he’d rub the bristles on his neck or the stubble on his face. And while waiting, he’d take a deep breath, then another.

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